Cedar Framed Privacy Dark Ash


This is a 6’h WKC framed tongue and groove privacy fence stained in Olympic’s Elite Semi-Solid Dark Ash. Custom built 6’w continuous, arched swing gate; has Snug Cottage’s pool code decorative hardware. The last two sections along drive way step down to 4’h. Fence uses 6”x6” extra long posts capped in stained flat hatteras caps.

Firewood pad includes composite deck boards in morado and measures 2’d x 8’w x 4.5’h.

Natural cedar shake roof treated with water sealant. All posts and frame work stained in Dark Ash to match fence.

Cedar Gothic Picket


3’h spaced cedar fence uses 1”x4” gothic topped pickets, 4”x4” PT posts and flat hatteras caps. The height of pickets along stone wall varies in order to keep top of fence line level- follows grade of wall wood gate  hardware spaced 3” apart.



Cedar privacy fence using 1x4x6’h pickets, alternating with 1.5×1.5×6’h pickets. Fence has a 3 dimensional look of 4”x4” posts with pyramid caps. Continuous arch, double swing gate with metal frame; 6×6” gate posts. This fence includes a 4’x6’ trash enclosure.

Retrofit Post and Board


Recently the reclaimed lumber and ship-laps styles have been in high demand in interior decorating. The homeowners brought that same trend outside when they chose to retro-fit their 3Rail Post and Board fence into a stylish privacy fence for more security. Installers added 1”x6”x16’ rough cut Hemlock boards in various wood tones to the already grayed out fence. Fence height remains the same at 4’h and dog-eared Hemlock cap boards were added at every seam.

Cedar Bells


Matching up to an existing fence can sometimes be tricky. The home owner wished to keep their section of ‘Cedar Bells’ so the new 6’ high cedar concave privacy fence was constructed around it. The fence uses 1”x6” cedar pickets and French Gothic pressure treated posts. The custom rounded gate was built piece by piece on-site to fit into Nantucket Post Cap Company’s Brant Point Arbor (3’ wide). The entire project was built with stainless steel nails, and one coat of water sealant was added to enhance the colors in the wood’s grain.

Slip Board


Slip Board fencing is a nice cross between Split Rail and Post & Board. It still has the same rustic feel and while it has the same ease of installation as a Split Rail fence, the slip board uses the same clean cut horizontal board as used in the Post and Board style. 3Rail slip board fences are set at 4’h. Posts are available in Locust and pressure treated wood; line posts measure 3”x6” and corners/ends measure 5”x5”. Boards measure 1”x6”x12’ and are available in Oak, Hemlock and pressure treated. Slip Board fences can also be ordered at 5’h (4Rail) or any custom height. Weld wire is optional.