Dog Kennels


Ensure your pets safety and comfort with a pre-fab kennel kit. All kennels are free standing, include 1-33”w gate with a patented dog-proof latch and use 1 3/8” galv. pipe/11gauge galv. chain link mesh. Other options include poly lumber floors, awning tops and incorporated dog houses.

Pocono Stone


Pocono Stone is medium to large sized decorative landscaping stone. Adding Pocono stone at the base of a fence run eliminates the chance of damaging your fence while weed-whacking and fills gaps when the ground surface is uneven. Pocono stone can help to hinder those pets that are diggers and doesn’t decompose over time the way mulch does. When installing a fence with a Pocono stone base, a sod cutter is used to evenly cut the grass along the fence line before post holes are dug out. Pocono stone can be added with our without the use of landscaping fabric.

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