Opportunity House Logo

Opportunity House  

Opportunity house has been helping the hungry and homeless for over 35 years. They offer shelters, education for children, and help pay for medical bills for those in need. AKA shows support by donating to the fund in hopes it can help feed or give someone shelter.

Habit For Humanity Logo

Habitat for Humanity 

AKA supports Habitat for Humanity in Berks County who value providing families with new homes and a place to live. They thrive on local volunteers that help build and renovate homes in the local areas.

Conrad Weiser Logo

Conrad Weiser Area School District

AKA is located in the Conrad Weiser District with most of our employees coming from Weiser, including the co-owners, Tom Auchenbach and Matt Koch. We support many different events and fundraisers at Conrad Weiser including partaking in the internship program, donating to the graduating classes, ski club, soccer, soccer alumni association, football, basketball, lions club, and the Conrad Weiser Pool.


Tulpehocken Logo

Tulpehocken Area School District

AKA supports Tulpehocken School District’s soccer club every year to help with gear, tournaments, and other necessities for the sport.

Robeonia Borough

Robesonia Borough

AKA is located in Robesonia Borough. We support many different events and fundraisers at within the borough including annual fireworks, car shows, fish and game, and the community library.

Other communities we support:

  • PAFOP Foundation
  • ASA of PA Softball
  • Alvernia University Soccer Team
  • Alvernia Yearbooks