Chain Link. Materials used for our commercial grade chain link fences conform to ASTM specifications required for most government and industrial applications. Schedule 40 pipe and galvanized chain link fabric are most often used, though Aluminized, vinyl coated and many other types of fabric can be ordered to fit your project’s needs. Barb wire, razor ribbon, panic gates, Tayhope Latches (NEW! Special multi –locking devises, see below), and a variety of gate systems can be incorporated to any commercial fence.

Other options for commercial fences:

Bollards- Protect walkways, utilities or storefronts by adding bollards to your project. Bollards are available in many heights and colors.

Gates and Automatic gate systems- Swing, double swing, cantilever, lift, slide and panic gates can all be customized or automated no matter how challenging the fence layout is.

Tayhope Latches- Imported from England, AKA is one of the few suppliers of the Tayhope multi-locking units in the US. With a Multi-Latch installed, lock-outs and key sharing are a thing of the past and access is guaranteed for all users via their own padlock/key. Up to ten users. Give us a call or visit http://www.tayhope.com/index.php/static-multi-latch for more information.

Privacy slats- Protect what’s inside your fence or hide unsightly machinery with privacy slats. Many vendors sell chain link fence with privacy slats already woven into the fabric, saving installation time. Privacy slats are also available for aluminum fences. Available in a variety of heights and colors.

Louvered fences- Louvered fences provide maximum privacy and durability in commercial applications. Available in any color aluminum or steel.

8'H w/ White Privacy Slats


Chain Link w/ Barbed Wire

Yellow Barrier Gate